Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review(s) of the week: FF Vol 2 #1, Arrow #1, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1

So in Fantastic Four #1, Reed has decided to take his team and his kids on a little trip outside the known universe to other realities. The pretense of this trip is for family bonding and educational purposes but really he is hoping to find a cure for a disease he found out he has. If all goes as plan, which it no doubt wont, he will arrive back from his trip through space time four minutes after he left. Just in case however he has assembled a team to serve as a replacement Fantastic Four and watch over the children of the Future Foundation. This book focuses on that team of Medusa, Ant Man, She-Hulk, and Darla Deering, AKA Ms. Thing. This is apparently Jonny's girlfriend wearing some sort of Thing suit. I honestly don't know and this book didn't do a good job of explaining her, even though it's suppose to be a jumping on point.

Also, this book is boring. It consists mostly of the various members of the Fantastic Four asking their respective replacement members to take over for them and the children of the Future Foundation explaining what the Future Foundation is. And I'm not particularly fond of Michael Allred's art. Not only is it sort of cartoonish, but it's very stiff and wooded. It's said in once sense a comic book artist is an 'actor' and Allred is a terrible actor.

The book wasn't terrible, and maybe it will improve, but it's a pretty mediocre start to this series.

I talked before on here about the Arrow show on CW. It's a pretty damn good show. So I figured it would be worth checking out the tie in comic. I was wrong. I don't even want to spend much time on this due to how bad it is. The story is forgettable and boring. And then there's the art, the terrible amateurish art. There are three chapters in this book, each with a different creative team so the mediocrity doesn't even have a consistent feel. The first artist is the worst, he's not fit to be working on an indie book someone published in their basement. I would have been better off taking my $3.99 and flushing it directly down my toilet.

Oh fuck me. I've talked before on here about the strange phenomenon of bronies. Because of those posts one of my readers requested I review the new MLP comic. What the fuck am I supposed to say here? I mean this isn't a comic book so much as it's what a homosexual horse breeder would see if he was tripping balls on mushrooms. The 'story', and I use that word in a very lose sense, is sort of an Invasion of the Body Snatchers story of changelings replacing ponies in an attempt to take over the world of Ponyville. They are defeated by the fabulous power of love or some such horse shit. Seriously, this was so gay, I feel like I just got angrily raped in the mouth by Perez Hilton, and then forced to watch the complete Sex and the City on DVD. So needless to say, I won't be purchasing, much less reviewing issue #2.

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