Monday, November 26, 2012

Thou shalt bite the hand that feeds you.

I haven't really watched much Two and a Half Men since Charlie Sheen left. I used to really like that show but the new stuff with Ashton Kutcher leaves me cold. I mean it's not awful, I've watched a few and it definitely has it's moments, but like I said by and large it doesn't do much for me. I know one person however who hates it, actor Angus T. Jones who plays the titular half a man Jake. He said in a recent video that the show is filth and the work of the devil and urged people to not watch it.
You know, back in my agnostic days, I really had the impression that Christians were judgemental assholes. These are the kind of things that gave me that impression. If you think this show is so evil and filthy then why sign a one year contract just recently? What sort of witness do you really think you are self righteously running your mouth towards your bosses like this? You are not showing the love of Christ in any way shape or form by biting the hand that feeds you. You want to leave? Ask your bosses to let you out of your contract or wait till your contract is up and leave. Till then shut your mouth you little brat. You owe these people. Seriously, know you nothing of honor Angus?
And it's not even like he went out there and said "You know, I'm not sure I approve of the type of humor and subject manor in this show, I think I'll leave when I get the chance" No, he got up on his high horse and called the show the devil and asked people not to watch. What kind of witness does this boy think he's being? What sort of witness to the people on this show who have worked with him for years does he think he's being? I wonder if he's that much of a prick towards the fans. Like if someone comes up to him and asks for his autograph does he lecture them for ten minutes on how evil the TV box is?
This genuinely upsets me. It saddens me to think of the people who will see this and get a negative impression of Christ. There is nothing Godly about stabbing people who have been good to you in the back. There is nothing Godly about this kind of self righteousness and disloyalty. And there is nothing Godly about biting the hand that feeds you. Angus T. Jones, you pompous little brat, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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