Saturday, November 10, 2012

We are Pedo State.

I live in PA, so there are Penn State football fans all around me. Now of course we all know what happened. Turned out the whole organization was looking the other way while coach diddles was running amok.

Now in the interest of full disclosure I am not a football fan. In fact I consider football fucking unwatchable. Sorry I just don't have the attention span to watch something that seems to take a time out every ten seconds. I can get into faster paced sports like hockey or basketball but football bores me to tears. Also I'm not particularly fond of the whole college sports system. Call me crazy but it seems to me like colleges should be schools not athletic programs. I know you could argue these things bring in money for the school, if that's true fine, I just worry that the academics take a back seat to the sports media empires these things become.

So needless to say I enjoyed me some Penn State humor when this thing broke. Still do. But I'm noticing something, something that surprises me. A lot of people get really fucking mad about those jokes. Not because it's insensitive to the victims, but because it's insensitive to Penn State and it's fans. That's right some people hear me mocking an institution that covered up for a pedophile for years to protect a fucking football program, and think I'm the asshole for making a joke.

What the fuck? When telling a Penn State joke to a friend in a restaurant a guy at a table next to me overheard and got all mad telling me "That's not cool, they raise money for kids with cancer" Oh gee, I had no idea, that totally makes up for it then right? Fuck you buddy.

So it seems in my area we are suppose to shut up about it till the rest of the country forgets this ever happened and we can get back to some football! Yeah! To all you jackasses who 'bleed blue and black' fuck you. Shut the fuck up and be thankful uncle Jerry never made you or your son bleed blue and black out your butthole.

I'm not gonna quit making these jokes, hell, I still haven't given up the Catholic Priest jokes. You know why? Because when an organization tries to sweep something like this under the rug, especially to protect something as trivial as a fucking game, it is not something that should just be forgotten.

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