Monday, December 10, 2012

Retro Review: Avengers Vol 3 #8

I talked before on here about how much I love this Avengers run by Kurt Busiek and George Perez. I'm not alone. Ask any Avengers fan his favorite creative teams or eras and this is almost guaranteed to be on this list, if not number one. But not everything about this run was beloved. This issue introduced the characters Silverclaw and Triathlon. Both characters I frequently see pop up in people's 10 Worst Avengers lists.

The main story of this issue is Jarvis is at Kennedy Airport. A little poor South American girl he sponsors through one of those 'Feed a kid for 30 cents a day" programs is flying out to visit him. Unknown to him that girl is Maria De Guadalupe Santiago, AKA Silverclaw. Silverclaw is able to turn silver and take on attributes of various jungle animals. Hmm, a young Hispanic person who can access various animal powers. Replace jungle animals with dinosaurs and give her a Y chromosome and you have Reptil. I never realized before today but Silverclaw is a proto Reptil. And yet for some reason I don't hate Silverclaw as much. Anyways the airport is attacked by Moses Magnum, a villain I find so uninteresting I can't even pretend to care long enough to describe him. He is forcing Silverclaw to help him by telling her he will kill some people if she doesn't. Not people she knows just the people that were on the plane with her. She agrees because she is apparently stupid. So her, Moses, and his men who all have mecha battle suits fight the Avengers to a standstill until Triathlon shows up to help. Moses is defeated, Silverclaw apologizes for being a dumbass, and the day is saved.

Even though most people hated Triathlon and Silverclaw I never did. I was never a huge fan of either but Silverclaw was never more then a reserve member and I never found Triathlon as annoying as other fans did. Again, I didn't like him much, but in a team book like Avengers I'm kinda resigned to the idea that I won't be a big fan of all the members all the time, it just sorta goes with the territory in these books. Plus Triathlon was a member of a Church called the Triune Understanding. Many Avengers thought the group was up to no good and Triathlon accused them of going on a witch hunt and persecuting his religion. It was an interesting point of tension. Of course it did turn out the Triune was a front for alien invaders. I never liked that pay off. I always thought it would have been better if they were just a bunch of harmless weirdos and the Avengers were wrong. But maybe that's just me.

The story here is pretty thin, especially given that it is introducing two characters. It's not a terrible issue, but it's certainly not a highlight of this celebrated run. While I totally suggest checking out this run if you haven't already, I wouldn't start with this issue.

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