Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hero Spotlight: Ronin

Back in the 70's Marvel introduced the Defenders. The loose knit group was billed as the "Non-team", whatever the hell that means. Well during his New Avengers run Bendis gave us the "non-character" Ronin.

Even before Ronin first appeared in New Avengers Marvel was hyping the mystery of "Who is Ronin?" Well, Bendis let a clue slip that it was "Someone who had been in a movie", and the only likely suspect to fit that was Daredevil. So since everyone seemed to know who it was, it was quickly changed to Daredevil supporting character Echo. This isn't the only time Marvel has seemed to do this. Many think the Red Hulk was originally meant to be Glenn Talbot and was changed to General Ross after many guessed it.

After his return from the dead Hawkeye took on the Ronin mantle. Later a villainous Ronin popped up to fight Hawkeye after he abandoned it. And in the Ultimate universe Ronin was one of Moon Knight's half a dozen or so personalities.

So Ronin is interesting in that it's a demonstration of how an idea or plot thread can go nowhere and amount to nothing. The only reason Ronin is remembered as much as he/she/it is, the only reason it had a Marvel Legend toy, if because it happened during New Avengers.

Much like the Female Symbiote, Ronin is a character design waiting for a character. Will Marvel ever do something worthwhile with it? Only time will tell.

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