Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bechtloff Movie Night: Iron Sky (2012)

Moon Nazis. That's right, Nazis who live on the damn moon. Does that grab your attention? Because it sure as hell grabbed mine. I saw this at Target today and knew what I'd be doing this afternoon.

Our story begins in the year 2018 with two American astronauts landing on the dark side of the moon. One is a black male model named James Washington who was only on the mission because the President, who is a Sarah Palin analogue, thinks it will help her win re-election. The astronauts discover a Nazi moon base. Apparently the Nazis left for the moon as WWII was winding down and have been living up there since. They kill the one astronaut and take James alive. They have been trying to perfect their super weapon to head back down to Earth and conquer it, using the tech of James' modern cell phone they get their weapon up and running. But then the cell battery dies. So they head down to earth to get more. Also a crazy Nazi scientist has turned James white and he's pretending to be one of them now so they don't, you know, fucking kill him.

This movie is a lot of fun. It knows it's a movie about moon Nazis and subsequently never takes itself too seriously and pretty much plays everything for laughs. The dialogue from virtually every character is hilarious. And the special effects were surprisingly good for such a relatively low budget flick. Other then a few bad green screen shots here and there it was all pretty solid and engaging.

Is this a fantastic movie? No. But it is a damn solid one and definitely worth checking out. If you're the kind of person who thinks the premise sounds interesting, you're the kind of person who would definitely get a kick out of this movie. I give it three and a half lunar swastikas out of five.

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