Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oobie: an example of not even trying.

Ever see something and think "What the fuck am I looking at? How is this even a real thing?" That happened to me the other day when while surfing through the channels I accidentally discovered the existence of a kids show call Oobie. This "show" and I use that word in a very lose sense, features a bunch of "puppets", another word I am using rather loosely, who babble incoherently using a combination of sentence fragments and outright gibberish, while random things happen. As you can see above the "puppets" are just hands with googly eyes on them. And that is the whole fucking show. Someone got paid for that. According to Wikipedia the show ran from 2003-2007, and is still obviously being shown in reruns today. That's a pretty impressive run for a kids show. To put that in perspective, Duck Tales, a beloved classic of a kids show, only ran for three years. And that show actually had characters and a story.

I know its just for little kids but still. Shouldn't we be teaching these young minds how to count and spell and shit in these shows. This show barely used real fucking words. This is what we fill young minds with at their most impressionable age? No wonder test scores are dropping like stones.

When I was a kid those moral crusading do gooder bitches Tipper Gore and Lynne Cheney had their panties in knots over rap music and violent video games. Shit like Oobie is what they should be railing against. At least things like this...
...can sharped a kid's hand eye coordination and prepare him to fight demons should he be left behind after the rapture. What the fuck is a kid suppose to learn from Oobie? I watched a full episode of Oobie and I can tell you, the only lesson you could possibly learn from it is there is some real money to be made in the little kid's show racket provided you have absolutely no shame.


  1. I remember watching them! I actually watched them all the time. I like when they eat there really funny. Better then the stupid stuff kids watch today.

  2. Wait, so your telling me there are kids shows even more retarded then Oobie? Holy crap.

  3. I liked oobie for the simple fact that hands were talking. Not every show is educational, some just entertain.

  4. Oobie was just fun to watch because of hands that talk. Some kids shows are just there to entertain and to give simple lessons of friendship and family life to babies and toddlers.