Friday, December 14, 2012

Retro Review: Superman Vol 2 #165

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! And to all you Obama supporters, Happy Kwanzaa! It being the holiday season and all I recently took a look at the handful of Christmas movies I actually like, as well as a special Christmas issue of Sensational Spider-man. Now let's see how every one's favorite Kryptonian celebrates Christmas.

This story takes place shortly after Lex Luthor was elected President. Superman is of course pretty pissy about it. He talks to a member of the League for a few pages, gives them a little Christmas present. Each segment has a different artist. He gives Martian Manhunter a box of the Choco cookies he loves, rubber bands for Plastic Man, ring polish for Green Lantern, tube socks for Flash, a Metropolis snow globe for Aquaman, a Mjolnir key chain for Wonder Woman, and a magnifying glass for Batman. Each League member pretty much gives him the same advise regarding Luthor, that there isn't really anything they can do until they can catch him crossing the line. Then him and Lois enjoy a little time off for Christmas in the bottle city of Kandor.

This was a pretty fun issue. It was an interesting little character study with how Superman relates to him teammates in the JLA. Each segment got a different artist and they were all pretty solid except for Rob Liefeld doing the Aquaman part.
Fuck Rob. What is up with Superman's hair. That's one hell of a widows peak there. He looks like the kid from the Munsters. So aside from Liefeld's special brand of art this is a decent enough read and if you're in the mood for a Christmas issue this month you should check it out.

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