Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review of the Week: Amazing Spider-man #700

Here it is, Amazing Spider-Man #700. Pretty impressive really. Anyways a couple of issues ago it was revealed that Doc Ock had switched minds with Peter Parker using some sort of techno macguffin. Ock was in Peter's body and vise versa, each having access to the other's memories. Peter, in Ock's sick dieing body broke out of prison and tried to reverse the process. In this issue he fails and he dies. But before he does he manages to beam some more of Peter Parker back into Peter's body. Not the full thing but more them memories, more like perspective and feelings. This inspires Ock to really like up to the hero who's body he now inhabits and become the Superior Spider-man.

No surprise really, it was announced month ago Superior Spider-man would be someone other then Peter, so once issue 698 revealed the mind swap we all knew what would happen. Still this is an entertaining issue and worth checking out. The back up stories are pretty weak, all they do is pad the book and thus boost up the price which is unfortunate. As for this new status quoe, I'm sure it'll be reversed, most likely we will eventually find out Peter's mind did get through and is sitting in the back of Superior Spider-man's head and will eventually regain control. That would be my guess anyways. I do find it funny that Joe Q ended the marriage because somehow it made Peter less 'relateable' but THIS of all things doesn't? Forgive me but I had to grind that ax a little bit more.

All and all a decent anniversary issue and I'm looking forward to Superior Spider-man #1 to see where we're going with this.

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