Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review of the Week: FF Vol 2 #2

I was rather disappointed with issue one of this series, this issue picked up a little bit. After the Fantastic Four left on the little trip through time and space they obviously didn't arrive four minutes later like they planned so this replacement FF is left holding the bag. There were a lot of solid character moments in this, She-Hulk teaching the Future Foundation children about super hero law, Medusa ringing a bell in bed, apparently expecting royal service, and the new She-Thing looking to quit at the end because she feels she has no business on this team and will probably get somebody hurt or killed. Personally I think she's right. At the end Human Torch returns through the portal the Fantastic Four left in wearing a new blue suit and exclaiming the rest of the Fantastic Four are dead.

Like I said, issue one was a bit of a let down, but issue two was much better. The art still kinda sucks, but at least the story is picking up.

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