Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review(s) of the week: Marvel Universe vs the Avengers #3 and Avengers: Arena #1

This continues to be a great read. In issues 1 and 2 Doom showed up to offer the still uninfected heroes a cure, but only if they bowed to him which they eventually did. So in this issue the heroes who haven't turned yet are working for Doom, passing out 'Doomstone' necklaces which are Doom's unique blend of science and magic. The supposedly keep people from turning into the savage cannibals and those that have turned it renders them brain dead vegetables. After a while we see they wake back up, only then they are as docile as kittens. This series is told through Hawkeye's perspective and we see him and other heroes wrestle with whether they are really doing the right thing. At the end of the issue Hawkeye walking in on Doom eating Mystique, apparently he was infected this whole time.

This series, as well as the two minis that came before set in this world are great. If you're not reading this you should be.

So the story here is that the cast of the now canceled Avengers Academy as well as some other young heroes are all taken to an island run by Arcade where they will forced to fight each other to the death. I wanted to give this a fair shake, I really did, but I just fail to see how it's worth killing any of these characters just to tell a stupid Hunger Games rip off. Mettle is killed by Arcade at the end of this and it just feels so pointless. I'm not against killing characters, but if you're gonna wipe out a character it should have more meaning than this. I won't be getting anymore of this series, I don't want to encourage Marvel in this non sense.

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