Thursday, December 6, 2012

Still more news on the Sonic Mega Man crossover

I found a little bit more on the Sonic/Mega Man comic book crossover. The covers to part two and three have been released. Like I said before I am super amped for this. A lot of the comic news sites like Newsarama have been kind of ignoring this. I get that Sonic isn't as big of a deal in the comic industry as Marvel or DC but still it takes some real googling to find new news on it. Over at Kotaku Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante gave a little interview and we saw the covers for parts two and three.

I can't look at that cover without hearing this

Damn that looks rad. Mega Man and Sonic are solid reads for all ages. Certainly better then most of the New 52 garbage at DC. I'll take the silliest Sonic the Hedgehog story over any issue of Grifter any day.

April 2013. I'm there dude.

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