Sunday, December 30, 2012

Villain Spotlight: Kraven the hunter

I've talked about a lot of Spidey villains in my Villain Spotlight feature, some like Demogoblin I feel are very underrated, some like Lady Octopus I feel have a lot of untapped potential, now let's look at someone who is obnoxiously overrated as a villain, Kraven.

I just do not see how Kraven is such a major Spider-man villain. Spider-man can bench press a Ford F150 and Kraven is a guy who likes to go on Safari. I can maybe see him getting the drop on Spidey once of twice out of a combination of luck and the element of surprise, but by and large I just don't see him as a credible threat. I know some writers say he has some super strength he got from 'jungle herbs'. Aside from that being a rather stupid explanation, even in the world of comics, I still don't see that putting him on Spidey's level.

I don't hate Kraven mind you. I think the motivation of sport hunting for a villain is an interesting one, just look at how popular the Predator movies are after all, but Kraven would have been better suited as a Daredevil villain or something. When Kraven first showed up in the Ultimate universe and confronted Spidey it went like this.
And then Kraven went down for the count. To me that's how every Kraven/Spidey fight should go because a dude who wrestles alligators just isn't qualified to go toe to toe with Spider-man. I really think the fact that Kraven is from the Lee and Ditko era of Spider-man is the only reason he just won't go away. I rather liked the story of his death, Fearful Symmetry. Kraven's suicide was one of the most interesting things he ever did, and I think it was a bad idea to reverse it. Especially since Kraven had like three different bastard kids that could easily fill the void of this character.

One of the things I really liked with Kraven was when he was going after the wearcat Avenger Tigra.
I'm a big fan of Tigra, she's one of my favorite C list characters. Kraven worked well against her, sure she was probably still a little more then he should have been able to handle power wise, but she was closer to his weight class than Spidey, and she was a much more appropriate opponent to him theme wise. All and all though I really wish they would have let poor Kraven rest in peace.

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  1. I think you're really underestimating Kraven. Spider-man has been defeated by enemies without any superpowers in hand-to-hand combat. Kraven's hunting skill and trap making skills would even the odds but even one on one he's a dangerous opponent for Spider-man because of his greater experience. Unlike the Ultimate version the mainstream Kraven is deadly. And besides, is jungle herbs really the most silly source of superpowers in comics?