Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Animaniacs

I recently started watching Animaniacs on The Hub. I used to love that show as a kid and I'm amazed at how well it holds up still. So I thought it would be worth taking a look at the Animaniacs game for the Sega.

This was one of my favorite games for the Genesis and it's still a blast. In the game you play as Yakko Wakko and Dot. You can cycle through which one you're controlling at any given time and each one has individual skills you will need. Dot can blow kisses which can be used charm your enemies, basically stunning them, Wakko can hit things with his mallet, and Yakko can push or pull crates, as well as attack with a paddle ball, although that's barely used. Each obstacle can only be overcome by using a specific skill or combination of skills.
The Warner brothers (and the Warner sister) are on a mission to find some valuable movie props. The hat of Dirk Rugged in a jungle movie set level, the helmet of Dume Rayder from Space Wars, a sheriff badge from some cowboy movie, the mask of Janus from Bloodmask, and a Felix (Oscar) statue. After you go through the various sets and get the various props Pinky and the Brain steal them and you must battle them in their big robot to get them back.
This game was a blast. Unlike most platformers you don't directly attack most enemies, it's mostly solving puzzles or figuring out ways around enemies. The sprites are really well animated, the game makes tons of references to the show, and the jokes and parodies are all pretty funny. If you are or were a fan of the show you should check this game out, you won't regret it.

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