Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bechtloff Movie Night: The Devil's Rock (2011)

The Devil's Rock is the story of two Allied Commandos in World War II who are sent to destroy gun placements on an occupied island. On this island they discover a Nazi bunker and in it find dozens of brutally slaughtered Nazi soldiers as well as one surviving Nazi officer and a chained up demonic succubus.

When the Nazi encounters the first Allied Commando he kills him but captures the second one alive. He explains the situation and that he needs his help to send this demon back to hell. The surviving Commando, named Ben Grogan, doesn't believe him and, after escaping the Nazi, sees for himself. To him the succubus looks like his dead wife. The Nazi tells him that the succubus can't leave the island as she can't cross running water, but that she still must be returned to hell as she will kill them before help arrives and she will be a danger to anyone who comes on this island in the future. Finally believing the Nazi, he agrees to help him. They draw up a protective circle to preform the spell in, just in time too, as the succubus has broken free of her chains. The succubus tries desperately to seduce Grogan from outside the circle, promising that if he helps her she will be a replacement for his dead wife. Suddenly within the circle the Nazi turns on him, apparently wanting to sacrifice him as part of the ritual. Grogan manages to over power the Nazi, stab him, and toss him outside the circle. After the succubus kills him she walks across the trail of blood the Nazi left, giving her access to the circle. She tries to seduce Grogan into helping her further but he simply chains her. As she screams at him and threatens him he tells her not to worry, plenty more Nazis will be coming for her to eat.

A Nazi Succubus. In the wrong hand that concept could easily devolve into a mindless gorefest, a soft core porn, or both. But this was a pretty decent horror movie. As Grogan and the Nazi work together there is a real tension as you wonder, will the Nazi betray Grogan? Or will the succubus seduce Grogan? The design of the Succubus' true form is pretty unimaginative.
Red skin, horns, broken off wings of a fallen angel. Pretty standard really but I guess it gets the job done. I would have preferred something a little more creative but it didn't look too bad. I get the feeling this movie didn't have all that much of a budget to it, but it works well those limits. The acting from the three mains is solid all around, can't complain there.

My main critique on this movie is it's just kinda run of the mill and generic. It's a solid and enjoyable horror movie, but at the end of the day it's not that memorable of one. At the end of it I was kinda left wondering "That's it?". If you're a horror fan, its worth your time to check out on Netflix, but I wouldn't buy it or anything.

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