Monday, January 7, 2013

The Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Cool Spot

Some of my younger readers might be wondering who Cool Spot is. Cool Spot was the 7-Up mascot. There was a whole series of commercials that showed the red dots on 7-Up cans coming to life when people aren't looking, They would have misadventures in the commercials before going back onto the can or bottle they came from. You gotta hand it to whatever genius ad agency came up with these things. It's not easy to make the soda you drink when you have a stomach ache seem hip and cool but damned if they didn't do it. Come to think of it 7-Up's always had some pretty cool commercials. Who could forget the awesome sauce that was "Make 7 Up Yours"?
Anyways back to little Cool Spot. The story of this game is that a bunch of the Cool Spots have been trapped in cages and you need to fight your way through various levels to free them. I'm not sure who is putting out Cool Spot traps. Probably some guy who saw them one time and is trying to prove to everyone he's not crazy. You have to fight enemies such as crabs, frogs, mice, and killer toy robots and you fight them by shooting what I assume is supposed to be soda fizz.
Along the way you have to collect 7-Up logos, bottles of 7-Up, and tons of these red spots.
I'm not really sure why some red spots are alive and some just float in the air waiting to be gathered up, but then perhaps I'm over thinking this. Anyways once you've gathered the necessary amount you can free the cool spot at the end of the level.
 This was a pretty damn good 16 bit platformer. It's certainly better then any game starring a soft drink mascot had any right to be. The soundtrack is upbeat and fun, the enemies and the stages are very creative, and the graphics really take full advantage of all 16 bits. If you still have a Genesis, or even just an emulator, you should get this game for it. You won't be disappointed. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a sudden craving for the refreshing taste of 7-Up.

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