Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review of the Week: Morbius Vol 2 #1

We're repeating the 90's again. The shelves are full of Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld, Venom has his own book, Scarlet Spider has his own book (although they are both different characters carrying on those names) and even Grifter had a book, although thankfully that was canceled I think. Now we have Morbius getting his own book. How was issue one? Well, it was forgettable. I'm serious, I just read it tonight and I have a hard time even remembering what happened.

Back in Amazing Spider-man #699.1 Morbius escaped from prison. This issue he hides out in one of New York's ghettos as a bum and reluctantly ends up confronting some gang members in a "Lethal Protector" type way.

There's nothing really wrong with this issue, if by chance you're a big fan of Morbius you'll probably find it enjoyable enough, but there was nothing that really sucked me in. It's just so predictable and so forgettable. Unless Morbius is a personal favorite of yours (we all have our B list characters we love) I would say pass on this.

Sorry this isn't a longer Review of the Week, but there just wasn't much out this week that I'm reading.

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