Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man #2

So in case you don't know whats up with Superior Spider-man Dock Ock has taken control of Spider-man's body with full access to his memories. Unbeknownst to Ock Peter is still alive in the back of his head. This issue focuses on Ock-Spidey trying to reignite Peter's relationship with MJ. By the end of it Ock-Spidey, who is now experiencing the same feelings for MJ Peter has tells her it would be in her best interest if they weren't together, for her safety.

I kinda feel like the whole "It's too dangerous" thing in a super hero's love life is a rather tired cliche. Also of interest in this issue, Peter's ex Carlie Cooper is staying with MJ. Carlie takes note of MJ saying Peter seems like a 'different person'. When Peter was running around in Ock's body he told Carlie of the mind switch, but she of course didn't believe him. Now it seems like she might be the thing that unravels this mess.

While this wasn't as good as issue one, this was a pretty damn good read. I'm enjoying the ride on this whole Superior saga and look forward to seeing where it's all going. The best part of this issue? Ock-Spidey has turned the Living Brain into his lab assistant.

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