Monday, February 11, 2013

Arrow gets renewed for season 2.

I've talked about this show before, if you're not watching it you should be. Well, it was just announced it will indeed get a second season. This show is absolutely amazing. The acting, the writing, the special effects are all top notch, especially for a network TV show. It has it's flaws, as with many CW shows its cast a little too young. Dinah "Laurel" Lance looks way too young to be a lawyer. Also, while I suppose it's a minor grip, he's never referred to as Green Arrow, but rather the Hood or the Vigilante. 

I'm really looking forward to where this show is going, apparently there are already plans to introduce Roy Harper into the show. This is one of those rare shows where I don't wait to catch it in rerun or Ondemand, this is appointment television for me. I actually loved the last episode so much I called a friend I know watches it to talk about it. He told me he hadn't seen it and would watch it later Ondemand. I was actually kinda pissed, I wanted to talk about it now. That's how much I love this damn show.

So thank you CW for renewing this, but please start calling him Green Arrow. The Hood is fucking lame.

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