Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Free Comic Book Day Sonic/Mega Man crossover prelude (and other FCBD news)

It looks like Archie will be taking advantage of Free Comic Book Day to pimp it's upcoming Sonic/Mega Man crossover with a flip book prelude FCBD issue. Diamond just released a preview of it, as well as some other FCBD books.

I was taking a look at this years crop of FCBD books and a few things struck me. First of all I see the NFL is trying it's hand at comic books again with something called NFL Rush Zone.
Granted I'm by no means a football fan, but what the fuck is that? You would think the NFL would have learned after it's last attempt at making comic books.

The other thing that struck me, and I noticed this the last couple of years, is how little effort Marvel and DC put into FCBD. Smaller companies put out tons but the big two barely anything. Marvel is doing a one shot called Infinity that will lead into a Thanos story and a comic book tie in to it's new Hulk:Agent of SMASH cartoon. DC is doing a Superman one shot, and a DC Nation Sampler. But that's it. I can understand not wanting to do too many original stories to just give away, but why not some reprints. Reprint some first issues of recent series then in the back put "To Be Continued in such and such trade", use this as a time to reel people in. The smaller companies really take better advantage of FCBD, there's no doubt about it.

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