Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hero Spotlight: Eradicator

It's easy to crap on the death and return of Superman story from the 90's. Sure the polybags and variant covers and other speculator bait was obnoxious. But the story itself was pretty decent, for the most part. And we got some interesting characters out of it. Eradicator is not one of them however.

Eradicator is one of four different characters who attempted to fill the vacuum after Superman's death. The other three would actually go on to matter and be interesting. Steel was a guy who, inspired by Superman, created an Iron Man type armor. His back story is pretty interesting, my favorite part is that Superman once saved him from falling to his death in a construction site. When he exclaimed "You saved my life!" Superman told him to "Make it count." And he did. Steel would even go on to be a pretty regular member of the JLA. Steel had his own series that went on for over 50 issues and even a movie staring Shaq, although the less said about that the better. Superboy was a teenage clone of Superman (more or less) and would go on to star in his own series, the first volume of which went on for 100 issues, and was members of Young Justice and Teen Titans. He was a fun character, particularly during his early days when he seemed more interested in chasing pussy than living up to the S on his chest. Currently in the New 52 Superboy is a whiny emo little bitch.
I swear was Dan Didio actually sitting around wondering what he could do to make DC suck a fat horse cock? This level of shittiness really seems like it would have to be intentional.

Anyways the other replacement was Cyborg Superman. An evil Cyborg pretending to be Superman, he would go on to be a major villain for Superman and even Green Lantern. He even joined the Sinestro Corps.

And then there was Eradicator. He would show up now and then, he was in the Outsiders, and I think the most recent appearance was he had a cameo in Infinite Crisis. He just never made an impact, and I think it's largely because nobody knew what the fuck his deal was. When he first showed up he had a cool look.
Like Cyborg Superman Eradicator claimed to be the real Superman. But now he was all bad ass and hardcore, killing criminals. But once his back story unfolded he made less and less sense. The other three I can sum up in a sentence. Superboy: Teenage clone of Superman. Steel: Guy in high tech armor. Cyborg Superman: Evil Cyborg. Is there more to their stories than that? Sure, but you get the meat of it there. But Eradicator is an artificial intelligence, but he's not a robot. He's like a genetic construct or something. And then a human had his mind put in Eradicator or something. It's like when all the writers and editors on Superman at the time were fleshing this saga out they had three good ideas for characters but needed a fourth. Half a day and three 2-liter bottles of Jolt Cola later they had this hodgepodge of bullshit. But hey, three outta four ain't too bad right?

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