Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hero Spotlight: NFL Superpro

So the big game is today. I don't give a shit but a lot of people seem to. So I thought it was appropriate on a day like this to take a look at one of the dumbest super heroes of the 90's, the NFL Superpro.

Phil Grayfield's career as a football player was cut short due to an injury so he ended up getting an armor that gave him super powers and became the NFL Superpro. If it sounds stupid it's only because it is. In his short career of a super hero he teamed up with Spider-man and Captain America so hey, he's got that going for him at least.

Writer Fabian Nicieza considers this the lowest point of his career, and he's written some crap so that's saying something. This book is so bad it's actually garnered a cult following for being such garbage. This character is co-owned by Marvel and the NFL and the NFL won't let Marvel use him anymore. Writer Robert Kirkman wanted to use him in his Marvel Team-Up run but wasn't allowed, even if he just called the character Superpro. Also, I'm not sure about this but if memory serves the armor Captain America used in mid 90's was the Superpro armor reworked.
The NFL Superpro was an interesting, if infamous chapter in the history of comics. In an odd way I feel it deserves to be in a trade, I mean if New Universe can get reprinted surely this can. But the NFL is insanely protective of it's brand and would prefer Superpro be forgotten. I would say if you see this in a dollar bin, which is where you're likely to find it, you should get it. It's so insane, so terrible, you sorta need to see it for yourself. So why not celebrate Super Bowel Sunday with the bastard son of football and comics.

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  1. I love football....but this...this is just awful.