Thursday, February 7, 2013

On Bible Studies and Beyonce's booty

I attend a bi-weekly Bible Study from my church. We call it a small group, our church encourages everyone to go to one regularly for Bible study and to develop closer relationships with other church members and what not. So every other Monday there I am. While some I find engaging some are rather boring. Sometimes the verse or chapter or whatever is very interesting, full of all sorts of theological issues, sometimes they are very practical and pertinent to what's going on in my life. Sometimes they aren't. So on those nights when I'm kinda bored I like to engage in a little hobby of mine, more of an interest really hobbies cost money and this is free. I like to do a little people watching in the group. It's already established within this group that I don't say much if I feel I have nothing to add on the subject so no one tries to coax me into being chatty. This allows me to sit back and observe human nature at work.

This Monday everyone was of course chatting about the Super Bowel before the study began. As I mentioned before I could not care less. But then they started talking about the halftime show. Apparently Beyonce was doing the halftime show and was of course sexing it up because that woman certainly knows it's never really been her voice that made her her fortune.

So these two women in my group were talking about this halftime show. Let's call these women K and M. K is a mother of three, maybe four kids (as I said before people in my church breed like Gremlins in a pool so it's hard to keep track). Also while I wouldn't call her old, she's certainly past her prime, I would say she's early, maybe mid 30's, not sure exactly. But despite not being a young woman anymore and having pumped out half a litter of kids K is a pretty good looking woman. You can tell she takes care of herself, which is good. M on the other hand is middle aged, in her 40's, maybe early 50's I would guess and is a wreck. She's a frumpy dumpy mess with a hairy double chin and that curly old lady fro that women get when they stop giving a fuck.
Yeah, like that. Sure she's getting old, but it's not just that, this is a woman who has unquestionably let herself go.

Now K's reaction to the bootylicious halftime show was a sort of "Oh dear" kind of shock. She said she changed the channel, but it sounded like it was just a good natured, if over sensitive, sense of decency and modesty and what not. Her response was similar to if she was telling a story of accidentally walking in on someone in the bathroom. As I said "Oh dear" is probably the best words to describe her as she talked about this halftime show.  M on the other hand was judgemental and downright pissed off. More than once did M utter the words "How dare". How dare Beyonce, how dare CBS, how dare the NFL and so on and so on. Now, why do you suppose these two different women, each with basically the same moral objection to the same halftime show, had such vastly different emotional reactions?

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