Thursday, February 14, 2013

Retro Review: Amazing Spider-man Vol 2 #50

On February 14th, 270 A.D. Saint Valentine was beheaded by order of the Emperor of Rome and because of that you have to buy your woman chocolates today. Yeah, I don't really get the connection either. Oh well, for whatever reason today is the day to celebrate love so let's take a look at an issue that spotlights Spider-man and Mary Jane's relationship.

This issue starts with Peter meeting MJ at the airport. They had been going through a separation due to some marriage problems and were attempting to work them out. As they are chatting, wouldn't ya know it, Dr Doom shows up. He's being escorted by a couple of security guards as he is apparently flying in on some sort of diplomatic mission. Doom is attacked by some "Free Latveria" terrorists. Spider-man intervenes, actually saving Doom's life and we come to find out one of the security guards was actually Captain America in disguise. Cap tells Spidey he knew about the possible threats and that's why he was there and the two of them take down the terrorists. Doom thanks Spidey for help and tells him he owes him a favor. Spidey then proceeds to tell Doom where he can stick his favor and Doom basically considers overlooking that insult the favor. Spidey, still in costume sits down in the wreckage to talk to MJ. 
She raises some interesting points about the stress his double life puts on her, and jokingly tells him "You never introduce me to your friends." to which Spider-man actually introduces her to Captain America. This was sorta a big deal, this was before New Avengers when almost every super hero knew Spidey's ID. MJ tells Peter she feels like he can do all these amazing things, and thus doesn't really need her. He gives her a rather touching speech about how it's only because of her that he can keep it together to do such things. At the end the couple is back together, as they SHOULD be (I'm looking at you Quesada)

This was a great issue, full of fun, touching, and humorous moments. The artwork by Romita Jr was solid, and the writing was Straczynski at his best on Spidey. If you're in a Valentines kinda mood today you should give this issue a read.

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