Thursday, February 14, 2013

Retro Review: Spectacular Spider-man #241

Happy Beheaded Catholic Saint's Day to all! This year to celebrate this day of love I took a look at a sorta romance themed issue of Amazing Spider-man and a BDSM themed romance movie. So let's finish this Valentine's Day how we started it, by taking another look at my favorite comic book couple, Spider-man and Mary Jane.

The story of this issue, well is pretty much Peter and MJ are sad about their baby being still born so Spider-man goes web swinging and takes Mary Jane with him. That's about it. Sure there's some sub plots moved forward a bit, involving characters like Chameleon and Jack O Lantern, but that's about it.

That's not to say this was a bad issue, quite the opposite. Nor was it a dull issue. The clone saga had just wrapped up, Peter had returned to his role of Spider-man, and they had just lost their baby as well as Peter's clone Ben who was like a brother to him. This issue was a needed epilogue for all that both for the reader and the characters.

And the artist Luke Ross did an amazing job. There are two whole pages of Spidey swinging around with MJ. Even with no dialogue Ross manages to convey so much emotion through it. It was actually genuinely touching. Luke Ross was one of my favorite Spidey artists ever, he's doing the art for Secret Avengers right now, although its a little darker than I've generally seen his stuff and honestly I don't care for it that much.

If you're a Spidey fan, or if you're just a comic fan than this is the perfect comic to read on this day or love.

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