Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man #3

If you haven't already, check out my reviews of issues one and two of this series. This continues to be my favorite Spider-man story since One More Day took a dump on the franchise.

In this issue Ock-Spidey goes after the Vulture. Peter is still in the back of Ock-Spidey's head, unbeknownst to Ock, and is now seeing he can explore Ock's memories with him. We get some interesting character moments in which we see Vulture was the only fellow Sinister Six member Ock really respected and connected with. Ock-Spidey offers Vulture a large some of money to walk away from the super villain life, telling him he has hidden bank accounts he can draw from. Vulture doesn't believe him, figuring this is just Spider-man playing a joke on him. When Ock-Spidey sees Vulture's henchmen are little kids he flips out, recalling his own abuse as a child at the hands of his father. Ock-Spidey very brutally takes Vulture down, causing Peter's ex Carlie Cooper to further suspect what is actually going on. Ock-Spidey manages to smooth talk her and realizes he needs to play the role of Peter better of he'll get found out. Also Ock-Spidey almost heard Peter in the back of his head.

I am still loving where the whole Superior Spider-man saga is going. I haven't actually been excited about a Spider-man book since One More Day but this is the first thing I read in my pile of books on the weeks it has come out. You really should check this out if you haven't already.

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  1. Scarlet spider has been pretty good also! You should def check that series out!