Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Cyborg Juctice and Columns

One day as a kid I came home from school and this game was on my bed. I didn't ask for it, hell, I had never even heard of it but there it was. Apparently one of my Dad's friends from work had given it to him to give to me. I think he was clearing out some old games or something I don't know. I played it a little bit and discovered it was pretty fucking hard so I put it aside and pretty much forgot about it for a couple of years. But when I went back and took the time to get the hang of the controls I found it to be a pretty fun, and for it's time innovative game. 

In this game you're some guy on a space ship who crash lands on an alien planet populated by robots. You are on the verge of death so they save your life by turning you into a cyborg and putting you to work in their factories. You of course rebel and want to escape and that's where the game starts. 
 You can design your cyborg from various different legs, torsos, and weapon arms (although the saw is the only one that doesn't suck). Then from there you fight through various stages in the standard side scrolling Double Dragon type beat em up.

The thing that made this different from most games of this type is you could pull enemies apart and they could do the same to you. In fact the only way to get more health is to pick up and enemy torso and take the health from it. This game was a bitch to get the hang of but once you do it's a well designed unique game. If you have a Sega (or an emulator) and a fair amount of patience I would say give this a shot.

Columns is one of the many Tetris type puzzle games that were big at the time. The object is to line up three of the same color by changing the order of the three gen chunks as the fall down.
Once you get three of the same color up and down, left to right, or diagonal, they would vanish and obviously you had to keep the blocks from piling up. This is another Sega game I never asked for but I was kinda glad I had. I think my aunt got it for me or something. It was a pretty nice puzzle game and never got the attention it deserved. Again, if you still have a Sega you should get this. It's pretty cheap, I've seen it for like 50 cents at a used video game store in my area.

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