Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Jurassic Park

When I was a kid I thought Jurassic Park had to be the best damn movie ever made. I must have seen that movie a dozen times in the theaters. Even as an adult if I had to make a 100 favorite movies list JP would easily be in the top 20. So it should be no surprise that Jurassic Park was and still is my favorite non Sonic game for the Genesis. This was sorta two games in one as you could play as either Alan Grant or a Raptor.
As Grant you fight your way through various dinos using tranquilizer darts, a stun gun, rockets, and gas and flash grenades. All you ever do is stun the various dinos so you have to keep a move on. You only ever saw the T-Rex's head, and you had to hit him with a weapon then run past him when he's roaring in pain/pissed off. The raptors are the biggest threat as they're the toughest and fastest ones you face. Playing as Grant was a little harder than the Raptor, but he did have two levels the Raptor didn't, plus you never saw the T-Rex in the Raptor mode and who doesn't love the T-Rex?

If Grant mode was the moist delicious cake, then Raptor mode was definitely the rich whipped frosting. The object of Raptor mode is to hunt down that delicious smelling Grant then sneak onto a ship and get your ass off the island. Along the way you fight some other dinos but mostly humans. It almost feels like Mario at times as the most effective attack against enemies is to jump on them, presumably hitting them with your claws in the process.

When you get to the end of the game in either mode you find yourself in the lobby of the visitor center where the display dino skeletons are. In Raptor mode Grant is on the top and in Grant mode there are two Raptors at the bottom. In either mode attacking your enemies directly is useless as they are all but invincible, you have to  make the skeletons collapse. I actually never could figure out how to do that as a kid and it wasn't until years later I finally figured it out.

This game is a blast and if you have an old Sega or an emulator you would be remiss not to check it out.

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