Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Justice League: Task Force

A fighting game featuring the Justice League, what's not to love? A lot of things actually. The story of this game is Darkseid wants to take over the Earth or something. You play as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, or Green Arrow and you fight through stages against your various JL teammates and then Cheetah, Despero, and of course Darkseid. To it's credit this game does look really good for a 16 bit game.
The different stages look great, the characters look great, it just looks like it should be way more fun than it is. Sadly though the controls are pretty poor and there just isn't a lot to this. I can't imagine the poor suckers who paid full retain for this.
This game could have used a few more characters, especially some more villains. It just felt so behind the times, even for 1995. Hell, in advertisements and on the back of the box it even made a big deal about how you could play a character against themselves.
Oh wow that's so unheard of in a fighting game, oh, wait, no it's not. That's about as rare as a copy of Youngblood #1. Now again, I wanted to like this game. It had some stuff going for it, like I said the backgrounds and the characters all stretch as much as you can out of those 16 bits, and it's cool to see characters like Green Arrow in a game, but it just doesn't make up for the flaws. Much like the Spider-man/X-men game, this game is hoping you'll be so impressed with who's in it, you'll ignore how bad it is.
That's not to say that it's as bad as Spider-man/X-men, it's just not what it should have been. I found a used copy for like $2.99 and I would say it was worth at least that much. It's two player mode is decently amusing if you have a friend who's also a comic fan, mostly because of how it looks. Ultimately I guess I give this game 2 Superman mullets out of 5.


  1. God damn the super mullet. God dammit it to hell.

  2. It kind of sounds like a knock off Dc version of Mortal Kombat. Imagine if they a actually made that with the gaming graphics we have now. I think it would be interesting.