Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Bechtloff's Book of Genesis: Taz in Escape from Mars

As a kid my favorite Loony Tunes character other than Road Runner was Marvin the Martian so this game was pretty high on my Christmas list when it came out. The story here is that Marvin has captured Taz for his personal intergalactic zoo. So you promptly break out and fight your way through Mars, Moleworld, Planet X, then on Earth through Mexico and a Haunted Castle, then for some damn reason you go back to Mars just to fight Marvin. There were a lot of cool power ups, like you could eat a can of gasoline and shoot fire out of your mouth or eat a box of rocks and shoot rocks until they ran out. This game was a pretty fun platformer, with fun character designs, but one part was a total ball buster.
In the second stage in the Moleworld you're being chased by a giant death machine drill. Now I've mentioned before how I hate the levels in 2-D platformers where you have to outrun some sorta wall of death, but this one was a nightmare. The damn thing would actually be hard enough without the drill. Combine that with the fact that this game had no save game or password system and this level almost makes this game cease to be fun.

Unless you have a Game Genie or an emulator that allows you to skip levels I would pass on this because the Ass Raper 9000 drill of death there really ruins an otherwise good time with this game.

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