Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bechtloff Movie Night: Superhero Movie (2008)

I really liked the first two Scary Movies when they came out. But once the Wayan brothers left it went down hill fast. And then came spin offs like Date Movie and they were all just terrible. So I ignored Superhero Movie for a while thinking it was just more in a line of shitty cash ins that failed to understand the difference between a joke and a reference. Surprisingly though, this was a pretty solid parody movie.

Now before I get into this I should mention I watched the extended unrated cut, so that's what I'm reviewing here. Most of this movie is a direct parody of 2002's Spider-man movie. Nickelodeon alumni Drake Bell plays a nerdy Peter Parker like student who is bitten by a genetically altered dragonfly and takes on the super hero identity of the Dragonfly. Kevin Hart plays Drake's best friend, the late great Leslie Nielsen plays the Uncle Ben like figure, and Christopher McDonald plays the Norman Osborn like super villain, The Hourglass, who can drain the life force out of people. You may know McDonald as the villain from damn near every R rated comedy you've ever seen, and it's a role he nails every time without fail.

This movie was extremely funny, and thankfully reminded me more of The Naked Gun, Airplane, and Scary Movie 1 and 2, rather than shit like Date Movie. There was a scene where Drake's character and Leslie Nielsen are arguing. Drake gives him the old "You're not my father" line which Nielsen replies with "I love you like your father did, I believe in you like your father did, I had sex with your mother, just like your father did." The way Leslie Nielsen could deliver lines like that in a total deadpan way, with the utmost of sincerity, truly the world certainly got a lot less awesome when he passed on.

Some of this movie did fall flat with me. There is a scene where Drake Bell's character meets Professor X, played by Tracey Morgan, for advise on what to do with his powers. This is where the movie falls into the trap of failing to know a joke from a reference, it's basically just "Hey remember the X-men movies?". The only real 'joke' in it is Regina Hall, AKA the annoying black girl in all the Scary Movies, playing Professor X's angry wife confronting him about cheating on her with Invisible Woman, played by that washed up hobag Pam Anderson. It's not funny and it's basically just a waste of time.

Any comic book fan, and especially any Spider-man fan, should definitely check out this movie. Some of it fell flat, but a lot of it worked really well. And it certainly stands head and shoulders above most of the other parody movies to come out in the last decade.

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  1. Lol that movies funny! Haven't watched it in a bit :D