Thursday, March 14, 2013

On Bible studies and hating the gays.

I mentioned before that I attend a Bible Study every other Monday called small group. I didn't attend last Monday as I was getting over a rather nasty cold but I thought I might share a story from one I attended last summer. Last time I referred to the group's teacher/leader as John, that's not his real name but let's stick with that. Anyways John and his wife had just gotten back from a vacation at some sort of beach area, I forget where exactly. As he was rambling on about his vacation he started to talk about the large gay community that seemed to be in that area. He seemed to be getting a little pissy the more he talked about it, so in an attempt to lighten the mood I shared this little observation.

"You know, where ever there is a lot of gays, it seems like the restaurants there are always fantastic."

I went on to explain that this is something I long ago noticed in my travels. I don't know why exactly. It could be the simple fact that gays generally don't have kids and therefor in their adulthood tend to have more disposable income. It could be that gays tend to be more artistic on average, including the culinary arts. I don't know why exactly but it is something I have observed.

I noticed as I was sharing, what I at least thought was an interesting tidbit, that John was now getting pissed at me. Apparently this compliment of homosexual culture, barely a compliment really, more of an observation, was so offensive to John I might as well have been dragging my nuts across his face. In John's mind I was apparently siding with the enemy.

I've never understood this level of animosity towards homosexuals from my fellow Christians. As a Christian I believe homosexuality to be wrong. Not merely different, wrong. But I don't think they're monsters. They are just sinful human beings. We're all sinful human beings. That's the whole reason Christ got his ass nailed to a tree.

It's not merely homosexuality, but really all manner of sexuality that catches the ire of my fellow believers. Christian media personality James Dobson actually states pornography to be far more addictive than any drug and one exposure to pornography will addict you. Not might, will. That's obviously absurd. This has always struck me as odd. Gossip has probably poisoned just as many, if not more relationships than any sort of sexual sin, and yet I don't know of any Christian groups that protest TMZ like they do porn. I don't even think the over emphasis on sexual sin is even Biblical. In the Gospels, there is one time Jesus is angered to the point of becoming violent. It's not in a whorehouse, it's not in an Apollo temple (a homosexual cult at the time) but rather it's at the corrupt money changers in the temple. So perhaps if Christ was physically walking the Earth today he would be far more upset with the hucksters on the religious channel scamming donations out of people than the dirty movies on Pay Per View.

But maybe that's just me.


  1. I have to say as a fellow Christian... THAT IS AN AMAZING POST. :)

    I agree with practically every word.

  2. @Bechtloff's

    You are correct and they do well to remember that Vengeance is the LORD's. Likewise the life of Christ is that of leading sinners to repentance rather than crushing the wicked. That is done with being uncompromising on sin yet not treating sinners a monsters. Treating them with the dignity of befitting a being made in the image of God. Loving one's enemies to heap burning coals on their heads and hence helping God bring them to repentance.