Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man #5

If you haven't already check out my reviews of issues one, two, three, and four. Last issue the murderous villain known as Massacre had escaped from Ravenkroft and killed 27 people in a Burger Town restaurant. Massacre has brain damage with prevents him from feeling many emotions, chief among them empathy and mercy. This resulted in Ock-Spidey vowing to rectify Peter's 'mistake' of not killing Massacre. In this issue we see the C.E.O. of Phizzy Cola, which owns Burger Town, reacting the to negative publicity. Suddenly she's confronted with Massacre who has snuck into her apartment. He talks to her about the negative publicity that he has caused her and offers to commit his next mass murder wearing a t-shirt of their competitor Mocha Cola for $12million. She agrees and that's what he does.

When Ock-Spidey confronts Massacre during this mass shooting it ultimately ends up with Ock-Spidey pointing a gun directly at his head wondering out loud if he should let him live. People in the crowd tell him to kill him, and suddenly Massacre finds himself genuinely afraid for the first time since his accident. Ock-Spidey proclaims this to be irrelevant and kills him anyways. Also Ock-Spidey confronts the C.E.O. of Phizzy Cola, telling him his watchful Spidey bots caught the whole deal and if she doesn't turn herself in she will have to deal with him.

Slott does a great job of examining the question of whether Ock-Spidey is going too far. By having Massacre show signs of still having shreds of humanity he doesn't make it as black and white as if he were completely irredeemable. Also Slott is handling nicely the idea that Ock-Spidey may be too efficient a crime fighter, slipping into the realm of a big brother. This series has been great since the start. I've said if before and I'll say it again, this is the best Spidey stuff since that One More Day abortion crapped on the franchise and it's the first time since then I've been excited to be a Spidey fan. If you're not reading this you should be. Simple as that.

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