Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review of the Week: Superior Spider-man #6AU

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I'm really not enjoying Age of Ultron so far. It's a confusing mess and given that half the world is already dead at the start of it, it's pretty clear much of it will be reversed in some sort of time/reality altering ending. Also, apparently a crappy Image character will be there for what I'm thinking will be no good reason.

So I didn't expect much going into the Superior Spider-man AU tie in, but I was pleasantly surprised. The story is that Ultron has pretty much taken everything over and Ock-Spidey meets up with Tony Stark and the surviving heroes to deal with things. Tony tells Ock-Spidey he needs him to get into the ruins of Horizon Labs to get a special MacGuffin Tony thinks can destroy Ultron. With Quicksilver's help Ock-Spidey gets there, but rather than get the device Tony wanted Ock-Spidey puts his own plan in motion trying to mentally take control of Ultron. This of course fails and Ultron's drones attack, destroying the device Tony needed. Ock-Spidey concludes he should have gone with Stark's plan.

This was a rather interesting issue that taught Ock-Spidey a bit of a lesson in humility. Too bad it took the end of the world to teach it too him. At the beginning of the issue he thinks Peter's association with the Avengers had made him weak and dependant, but by the end he sees the value of trusting people, of treating them as equals and allies rather than pawns and lackeys. Kind of a shame given the nature of this story there's a good chance any character development we get here will get reversed and forgotten. But who knows, maybe not.

Either way this was a solid tie in issue of a great series, even if I'm not all that found of the event it's tying into.

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