Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review(s) of the Week: Avenging Spider-man #18, Uncanny X-men Vol3 #3, and Mega Man #23

The part of this new Superior Spider-man stuff that I've enjoyed the most is watching him interact with other heroes in books like Daredevil and here in Avenging. A while back Electro, while in his pure electricity form was cast off into deep space by Thor. In this issue he has returned. Ock-Spidey has detected his energy signature and tries to warn Thor that Electro will want revenge. Thor laughs this off telling him that Electro is no threat to him. Well it turns out he is because Electro has paid some AIM scientists to transform his energy form into one of protons rather than electrons so Thor would have no power over him. Ock-Spidey catches wind of this and again tries to warn Thor right as Anti-Electro shows up. He proceeds to slap Thor around a little bit and Ock Spidey warns Thor not to hit him with electricity as the protons hitting the electrons might go boom in a big ass way. Thor holds off Anti-Electro while Ock-Spidey comes up with a McGuffin device to reverse the process, all the while Ock-Spidey comments on how impressed with Thor's bravery and overall character he is. He uses his McGuffin and Electro is seemingly destroyed. Thor and Ock-Spidey part ways, Thor obviously uneasy with the changes he senses in Spidey. Then we find out Electro is actually in a containment unit next to one housing Sandman in a secret lab of Ock-Spidey. It seems Otto is putting the band back together, but for what purpose.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this Superior Spider-man stuff is the best Spidey I've read in years. It's the first time since OMD I've actually cared about Spider-man and really want to see where things are going. If you're not reading this book and Superior, you should be.

If you haven't already, check out my reviews of issues one and two. Last two issues, while Scott and his renegade X-men gather up new wayward mutants to train, Magneto seemingly sold them out behind their backs, including giving away their position to SHIELD and the Avengers, who at the end of last issue have showed up to arrest Scott. This issue the Avengers and Scott's X-men, well they mostly talk, until one of the mutant kids uses her powers to temporarily freeze the Avengers in time so they can get away. When they get back it's obvious to them Magneto sold them out but he tell them, rather convincingly, that he did it to gain the trust of SHIELD and the U.S. government. Magik doesn't buy it, Emma does, and Scott's not sure.

This issue didn't have the big fight last issue seemed to promise, but given how sloppy Chris Bachalo's art work is I'm kinda glad. Plus Bendis really delivers some great character moments out of the back and forth between the two teams. And I'm really intrigued by what Magneto is up to. Is he really playing the government for fools? Did he just say that for the benefit of his fellow X-men? Or is he possibly playing both sides against each other for his own ends? Time will tell.

Despite Chris Bachalo's artwork being absolute garbage this is a damn good book and if you're not reading it, you're missing out.

I'm telling you, this is the best all ages book on the shelves right now. Back in issue 17 we learned the origin of Proto Man and saw him join forces with Dr. Wily. This issue he attacks Mega Man out of jealousy as the city is throwing him a big birthday parade in honor of all he's done for them. The fight between Mega Man and Proto Man, now calling himself Break Man was pretty interesting and full of lots of action and solid character moments. At one point Rush is critically damaged and Mega Man tries to repair him. Proto Man keeps attacking and Mega Man tells him "If it's a fight you want, I'll fight you, just let me take care of my dog" to which Proto Man actually gives pause and let's him do just that. It's clear that Proto Man is a man, or rather robot of honor despite having fallen in with the wrong crowd. He has Mega Man dead to rights but can't go through with finishing off his brother and starts to walk away. It's at that moment that the world starts to go white.

Coming up next, World's Collide, and as I've said over and over and over again, I can't wait.

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