Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review(s) of the Week: Superior Spider-man #6 and Sonic Universe #50

If you haven't already check out my reviews for issues one, two, three, four, and five. In this issue Mayor J. Jonah Jameson is holding a press conference when he's attacked by Jester and Screwball. Our two mischievous villains make fools of Jonah's security then hit Jonah in the face with a pie which they capture on video and upload onto the internet. Their plan is to get tons of hits and links to their vids online and use built in viruses to get peoples credit card numbers and what not. Meanwhile the Avengers gather to discuss Spidey's odd new behavior. Many of them comment on how brutal Spidey has gotten, even taking a life last issue but Wolverine points out that they all have blood on their hands and should give Spidey the benefit of the doubt. When Ock-Spidey finally confronts Jester and Screwball they initially make a full of him, live on the internet no less, but Ock loses his cool and beats Jester to within an inch of his life, if not full on killing him. And our issue ends with teaser of the Avengers confronting Spider-man next issue.

This continues to be the best Spider-man easily since OMD. Marvel had been teasing Spidey getting fired from the Avengers nearly since Superior started. It would have been rather hypocritical for the Avengers to react so harshly to Spidey's killing of Massacre, but this clearly goes over the line. It looks like Ock-Spidey's 'superior' run might be unraveling pretty soon.
In an earlier post I talked about how Sonic the Hedgehog will reach an impressive 250 issues this year. Well, almost as impressive the 2nd monthly Sonic comic book being published right now has reached 50.

This issue dealt with the rivalry between the robotic Metal Sonic and Shard, the first Metal Sonic who defied his programing and turned good. It was a fun little action packed issue and touched on some of the themes many good stories about artificial intelligence touches on, what does it mean to have free will, to be alive, to have a soul? This is an all ages book and it obviously didn't get to deep into that, but it scratched the surface enough so that the smart kids start thinking, and isn't that what truly good sci-fi does?

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