Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Spider-Exiles

I was a huge fan of Exiles back when it was going on. If you don't know the basic premise of Exiles was a group of characters, all originally X-men related, were pulled from various alternate realities. At the behest of unknown cosmic forces they were sent into various realities to set some sort of event in motion thus fixing that reality. If they didn't do that several realities were in danger of collapsing, including their home realities. It was, according to the original writer, like X-men meets Quantum Leap, meets Sliders. It started out a little too X-men heavy for my taste but both the membership and story lines would grow to be a little more than just X-stuff. This was one of the best books Marvel published over the last two decades and if you haven't read it I would definitely check it out. Until Chris Claremont came along and ran it into the dirt it was amazing.

Well a few years ago I was goofing around, writing a little fan fiction and decided to come up with my own team of Exiles, only (almost) all Spider-man related characters. And then a good friend of mine Red Savage AKA Chace Chavez drew them up for me. By the way check out his blog Let Us Quest and his DeviantArt page. The membership and origins of this group goes as follows:

Black Goblin(upper left corner): Norman Osborn the 3rd decided to take up his grandfather's mantle as the Green Goblin waging a war on an aging but still active Spider-man and his son Ben AKA the Scarlet Spider. Along the way Normie managed to steal the Venom symbiote from a SHIELD lab.

Spyder(upper middle): In this universe Spider-man joined the Avengers very early in his career, being recruited at the same time as Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and Quicksilver. In this timeline, rather than creating the Vision and basing it on Wonder Man's brain patterns, Ultron created Spyder and based it off of Spider-man's powers and abilities. Like the Vision, Spyder betrayed Ultron and became a member of the team. Spider-man would eventually leave the team, as both of them seemed redundant and Spyder had nowhere else to go. Spyder's personality is a lot like Peter's, although a little more cold and logical, and he had a variety of 'trick' webbing formulas, such as webbing that is very corrosive, webbing that freezes things like liquid nitrogen, and webbing that burns things like a napalm. I was really fond of the design on Spyder from Chace, especially the eyes.

Sandman (upper right): In this reality Sandman reformed just like in the regular Marvel Universe, however in this world Sandman became not just a reserve Avenger but a regular one and a core member over time.

Goblin Queen(lower right): Mary Jane Osborn. In this reality Mary Jane ended up marrying Harry Osborn instead of Peter and Peter married Black Cat. Harry suffered a meltdown at one point and injected the goblin formula into MJ. This drove her more than a little crazy and she wages war on Spider-man and Harry, both of whom she blames for her fate. Chace gave her rocket boots rather than a glider, I never told him to do that but it was a nice touch.

Spider-man (lower middle): This is just Peter Parker from the Spider-man Loves Mary Jane universe. I wanted a young Spidey and that series was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Only established character I used.

Blink (lower left): Can't have an Exiles team without Blink right? This Blink doesn't come from a crap hole Age of Apocalypse world but rather a world more like the regular universe. Blink is an X-man and in this world a much more typical teenage girl fitting a sort of Shadowcat role in her world's X-men.

So there it is, a Spider-man themed Exiles team. Hope you got a kick out of it.

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