Saturday, March 16, 2013

"You can enjoy this non-ironically." 20 years of Sonic comics

This year the Sonic the Hedgehog comics turn 20 years old. That is a damn impressive run for an all ages comic book based on a video game character. Sonic the Hedgehog will see it's 250th issue this July, right in the thick of it's crossover with Archie's other video game comic Mega Man. And that's not even counting the issues 0-3 of the mini series that preceded the ongoing series. At the risk of showing my age I actually remember getting issue 0 of the mini when it was brand new. I liked the games but really fell in love with the expanded world of Mobius found in the comics and with characters like Princess Sally and Snively. I actually feel like the story to the comics world is far far better than anything the games have ever given us. Archie has done far more with the little Blue Blur than Sega probably ever will. I truly feel like this may be the best all ages book in comics of the past 30 years.

CBR did an interview with Sonic writer Ian Flynn and Editor Paul Kaminski the other day. My favorite line is when Ian said "You can enjoy this book non-ironically". So congrats to the Sonic team on their unlikely but well deserved success.

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