Thursday, April 18, 2013

Age of Ultron kinda sucks.

I really hate to say this but Age of Ultron is amazingly, downright bewilderingly bad. I'm not one of those guys you see on message boards who hates any and every event. I loved Civil War, World War Hulk, Infinite Crisis, Avengers vs X-men, and most of the big events of the past decade or so both from Marvel and DC despite their flaws. Even the ones that weren't all that good like House of M or Secret Invasion still kept me hooked with wanting to know where it was all going. Plus they both had solid tie ins. But this, this is a raging dumpster fire. Ultron's an awesome villain, how do you screw the pooch this badly on an Ultron centric event?

First of all this series is yet another example of Bendis not knowing, or not caring how time travel is usually portrayed in Marvel. You can not change the past you simply make a new timeline. Also, because apparently this was written years ago Spider-man is clearly still Peter rather than Ock in this and the Fantastic Four, or rather what's left of them just Invisible Woman is in this even though they should be absent from the Marvel Universe. The tie ins have tried to smooth over these errors with various degrees of success but it's still a big error and should have gotten a rewrite.

But here's the biggest flaw, it seems to be there is really only two ways for a time travel/reality altering story like this to end. Either things are back to normal which would make this story largely if not completely irrelevant, or, and please dear God in Heaven don't let this be the case, this is paving the way for a DC type reboot. The former means I shouldn't care and the latter, well....let's just hope it's not the latter. At least weaker events like House of M or Secret Invasion had lasting effects. So far the only lasting impact we know this will have is a shitty Image character will be crammed into the Marvel Universe, probably, I would even say hopefully, to be forgotten in a year or so.

I haven't seen something so disappointingly bad since that Prometheus movie.


  1. Aside from the cosmic stuff (LOVED Annihilation, seeking out Realm/War of Kings), I avoid the events as much as possible without skipping issues of titles I already buy. There's just no "there" there.
    Maybe Marvel should bring back the annuals, and do their big stories there?

  2. The whole story of Age of Ultron could have been told in two issues like Days of Future Past or at most four. There was a whole lot of "oh man, things suck right now. Doesn't it suck that Ultron destroyed everything?" "Why yes, yes it does suck." I half expected to see two characters talking about how they are glad all the action took place off panel because it was too horrible to see.

    The big reveal at the end is like, really? That's the big deal? Even the shitty image character is a bigger deal than the big reveal. And she really is a shitty character...