Friday, April 12, 2013

Bechtloff Movie Night: Compliance (2012)

On April 9, 2004 a McDonald's manager Donna Summers received a phone call from someone claiming to be the police who told that manager to detain and strip search a young female employee who was accused of stealing. Amazingly, that manager complied. The caller told Donna to hold her there so she called her fiance to come in and watch her so she could get back to work. Her fiance then, at the behest of the fake cop, sexually assaulted the young lady. It turned out to all be a prank by some asshole who actually did it several other placesas well with similar results, minus the rapey fiance. That actually happened, and is what this movie is loosely based off of.

In this movie we see a manger of a fast food joint called ChickWich named Sandra who is called by someone calling himself Officer Daniels who tells her one of her employees stole from a customer. Giving her a vague description she brings Becky to the back. At the prompting of Daniels she searches her pockets, purse, and strip searches her. Becky is kept naked for several hours until Sandra, needing to get back to work, calls in her fiance. He has had a couple of beers before this and is very uneasy. Daniels talks him into spanking her for her disobedience and forcing her to preform oral sex on him. He immediately leaves ashamed of himself and Sandra, unaware of the spanking and oral sex, has the custodian take her fiance's place guarding her. As soon as he starts talking to Daniels he immediately is outraged and refuses to participate. This leads to the real police being called. Sandra is fired, the caller is arrested and Becky sues the company. The last scene is Sandra being interviewed on TV defending her stupidity, and the screen fades to black with a message that similar events happened over 70 times in 30 different states.

This was a damn good movie. The acting, the writing, the pacing were all superb. It's not an easy movie to watch, it is at times downright disturbing, but I would still say you should check it out. Because not only is it a damn good movie, but I would say it's an important one. We are far too willing to go along with things we know damn well to be wrong simply because an authority figure tells us so. Never mind that they never questioned whether or not he was really a cop, even if he was a member of the badge gang, the people involved should have said no. Freedom always begins with a 'No'.

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