Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hero Spotlight: Lady Rawhide

Back in the 90's the trading card company Topps branched out into comics and had a surprising amount of success with their Zorro comic, often getting into the top ten, at a time where that required selling a lot of books. Spinning out of that Zorro series was an original character named Lady Rawhide, a sort of Catwoman to Zorro's Batman.

She first became Lady Rawhide to seek revenge both on Zorro and the Commandante of Los Angele for the death of her brother. The corrupt Commandante killed him when he believed he was Zorro. Eventually she would grow to respect and even fall for Zorro, abandoning her vow of revenge against him.

After Topps comics closed shop this character found herself at Image briefly before fading into the back of the quarter bin. She was quite popular in her brief hay day, getting her own series that outsold the book it spun off of. This seems like the perfect character for the folks at Dynamite Comics to pick up. Dynamite has made quite the name for itself in recent years reviving long forgotten properties like Green Hornet, Red Sonja, and even Zorro into top sellers. Seems like they could do a lot of great things with this character, I hope they get their hands on her.

By the way the image above comes from Adrian AKA ajg6989 on Deviant Art. The below image comes from Randy Kintz AKA rantz on Deviant Art.

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