Monday, April 22, 2013

Retro Review: Spider-man 2099 meets Spider-man

I've talked about Marvel's 2099 line before, both in my Top 10 Marvel alternate realities list and a review of Ghost Rider 2099 #7 now let's take a look at the book that introduced me to Spider-man 2099.

The book starts off with Peter finding himself in the year 2099, in a scene reminiscent of Spider-man 2099's premiere in his issue 1. Peter swings around for a while, running a fowl of the Judge Dredd-like sky cops that patrol 2099 New York. Then we cut to Miguel O'Hara waking up in Peter's bed, much to his and MJ's shock. He heads out to find he's been flung to the past. Seeking answers he heads to the Daily Bugle where he runs into JJ. After JJ gives him some crap, not believing he is a Spider-man from the future, Miguel unmasks for JJ and tells him that 100 years from now Spider-man is a beloved chapter in history and nobody even remembers him or his rants. Once Miguel gets the info he needs, that Fujikawa, which becomes Stark-Fujikawa in Miguel's time, is conducting some sort of experiment on energy conservation or something, he realizes that is what will cause the cataclysm that ends the heroic age. Meanwhile, in the future, Peter beats the crap out of Vulture 2099 and meets Miguel's brother who takes him to Miguel's apartment once he realizes who Peter is. And back in the past Miguel talks more to MJ and they exchange info once he convinces her he is a Spider-man from the future. Peter heads to the Alchemax building to try and find a way back to his time when some sort of time/reality distortion starts happening there. Meanwhile on his way to Fujikawa Miguel runs a fowl of Venom before the distortion starts happening there, chasing Venom away. Next thing we see out two Spider-men together and they attacked by Hobgoblin from the year 2211.
After the Spider-men fight him (really a her, more on that later) for a bit Spider-man 2211 shows up to help.
At this point things blow up and the two Spider-men get flung to their respective times, with the great cataclysm apparently adverted. As they fade from each other they each compliment each other's costume.

This was, in a lot of ways, a great book. It's handled with such weight, these two meeting, you would swear this is an inter-company crossover several years in the making. It's even a prestigious format one shot. The interactions between Miguel and MJ as well as Miguel and Jameson were the real high points for me. More than a decade later we would learn more about the Spider-man and Hobgoblin on 2211 in the pages of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man. It turns out Hobgoblin was that Spider-man's daughter. That Spider-man is also some sort of time cop.

This one shot isn't perfect, as with many time travel stories there is a lot of logic problems. Also for a one shot with the word 'meets' in the title these guys sure don't interact much. Most of this story is spent with the two Spider-men interacting with the other's time period. All and all though this is a pretty solid read and I consider it the high point of the 2099 line. If you're at all interested in 2099 this would make a decent place to start.

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