Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Retro Review: Superman Vol 2 #170

Back in the early 2000's or so DC decided to reintroduce Krypto the super dog back into the Superman books. Krypto was one of those moronic aspects of silver age DC that was erased during Crisis on Infinite Earths. Why anyone would want to bring him back is beyond me. I know some of you might be fans of Krypto, but I just can't hang with this. It's a fucking dog with Superman powers. It's one step above that super horse that would turn into a guy and bang Supergirl. To me Krypto embodies all of the stupid gimmicky nonsense that all but defined DC's silver age, especially the Superman books at the time. So that's why this issue surprised the hell out of me, because it did what I thought was impossible. It made me care about Krypto.

The story here is pretty simple. Mongul and his sister Mongal attack Metropolis, because they tend to do that sort of thing. And in the course of the fight Mongul is threatening Lois and Krypto goes straight for Mongul's throat.
The wound to Mongul wasn't fatal, but Superman realizes what should have been obvious, you can't have a dog running around with that kinda power. He's just a dog, of course this sorta thing is going to happen. So Superman decides to keep Krypto in the fortress from now on. He gets one of his robots to care for and entertain the mutt, and to release a scent periodically that smells like Superman.

This issue was amazing, it might be one of the best Superman issues I've ever read. There are little story book style narrations with a more cartoonish Krypto like you see in the corner of that panel that run throughout this comic. They talk about Krypto, how he loves Superman and Superman loves him. And how hard it was for Superman to have to put Krypto away, but that Krypto is somewhere safe now and Superman still loves him very much. This issue deals with the obvious problem a character like Krypto presents and it does it in a smart and very touching way. I defy any dog owner to not get a little emotional reading this issue. If you haven't read it pick it up, it's not pricey at all in the back issue market.

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