Sunday, April 21, 2013

Retro Review: Superman Vol 2 #180

So I was digging through a back issue bin yesterday when I found this little gem. Superman vs Dracula you say?
Apparently at this point General Zod was active on Earth and had pulled a Dr. Doom, becoming leader of a Eastern European country named Pokolistan. So Lois, Jimmy, and Clark are off to a castle in one of Pokolistan's neighboring countries to interview a leader there Count Rominoff. Little do the trio know this is actually count Dracula. They spend the night before conducting an interview in the morning. In the middle of the night Lois is called out using hypnosis to the middle of a field where she is attacked by werewolves. Also the artist is very generous with the Lois cleavage and side boob. In fact in one panel we see if must be rather cold out as I can't think of anything else than a rock hard nipple that could possibly be holding up that nightie.
Anyways this was all a ruse as Dracula knew that Superman seems to show up whenever Superman is in danger. So of course Superman does, since he was already there, and Dracula tries to turn Superman into a vampire servant to fight against Zod for him. Hmmm, you want to turn the guy who gets his powers from the sun into a vampire? You didn't think that through did you Dracula? This does indeed turn out badly for our undead friend as Superman's blood burns Dracula like sunlight and kills him. As the three reporters go home they wonder who will defend this country from Zod and we cut to a shot of the Creature Commandos ready to defend their creepy ass country.
 The redhead vampire we saw earlier, she was a servant of Dracula's and tried to seduce and bite Jimmy.

This was a damn good issue. There were a lot of good character moments, such as when Lois and Superman came out of their respective hypnotic states they each blurted out a secret frustration about the other which was interesting. The Creature Commandos that show up at the end seem pretty damn cool and I'd love to see more of their fighting Zod. Also there were some funny moments such as Dracula's basement being full of wine bottles of human blood. The art was solid, the writing was solid, this was all and all a great issue of Superman and you should check it out.

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