Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review of the Week: Mega Man #24

It's here, it's finally here. The event I've been waiting for, that I've been talking about on here over and over and over again. Sonic/Mega Man: World's Collide.

Our issue starts with Sonic and Mega Man fighting each other while Dr Wily and Dr. Robotnik secretly watch. Then we flashback to weeks ago, Dr Wily is in his layer and one of his robots has discovered a mysterious gem that is giving off strange power. Unbeknownst to Wily this is the Chaos Emerald Robotnik lost during the Genesis storyline. While studying the emerald Wily ends up contacting Robotnik and the two become fast friends. They use the emerald's power to create a pocket dimension between their universes the call "The Skull Egg Zone" and begin pooling their resources. Using a combination of Wily's Robot Masters designs and Robotnik's robotization they turn Tails, Amy, Shadow, and Knuckles in Roboticized Masters. Our issue ends with Proto Man confronting the Roboticized Masters Rose Woman, Tails Man, Knuckles Man, and Shadow Man.
This was a great start to this crossover. The bromance between Wily and Robotnik is fantastic and I can already tell will be the strongest part of this crossover. If I had to be a cynical old nerd and nitpick I wish Sonic and Mega Man got a little bit more time with their fight, but since we're now in flashback I'm sure we'll get back to it. Really though this was a damn fun book for both the young and young at heart and if you don't check it out you're really missing out.


  1. This is the only one that's gonna come out. I herd there was a printing problem so they have to hold off on the series till June 2013. Looks like you gotta wait again.

  2. Why must you turn my blog into a house of lies?

    1. This is not a house thus no lies can come from it. And it's also true