Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review of the Week: Scarlet Spider #16

I never thought Spider-man's clone Kane would be the star of one of my favorite books but this has been a damn good book from the start. This issue wasn't bad, but it was also sorta just a filler issue. The story here is Kane is dragged to the Rodeo by his friends, fights the Armadillo from the Texas Super Team the Rangers who's having a nervous breakdown, and finally comes to terms with some of the darker aspects of his nature and takes the chance of entering a relationship with his love interest Annabelle.

And that's about it. What was really disappointing was, with the cover an homage to Superior Spider-man #1, I figured this might be at least leading up to him crossing paths with Ock-Spidey. That's something I'd love to see given the history between Ock and Kane.

That disappointment aside, this isn't a bad issue, but it wasn't that great of an issue either and I frankly expect a little more out of this series than just OK.

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