Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review(s) of the Week: Superior Spider-Man #8, Sonic Universe #51, and Supergirl #19

If you haven't already check out my reviews for issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6AU, and 7. So last issue ended with the Avengers confronting Ock-Spidey demanding he submit to some medical tests to determine if he is really Spider-man. He refused and this issue they fight and ultimately subdue him and run the tests. They find nothing and actually apologize, although he's still on probation due to his odd behavior. One more murdered super villain and he'll be on double secret probation. Black Widow offers to talk to Ock-Spidey saying she knows what it's like to kill and have "red in your ledger". I guess because of the Avengers movie talking about ledgers is apparently something Black Widow does now. For good or for ill it's amazing how much the movies and TV shows based on comics end up affecting the comics they're based off of.

Anyways Ock-Spidey then tracks down Cardiac to recover the brain scanner thingie he stole from one of Ock's old warehouses. When Ock-Spidey sees he's using it to help a sick kid he assists then asks to borrow the scanner saying he will return it to Cardiac who is doing good work with it. It seems Ock-Spidey is onto the fact that Peter is still alive in him, he can even hear him now and he's going to use the device to preform a "Parker-ectomy".

This continues to be a great series, but I'm a little disappointed with how the Avengers thing resolved itself. The Avengers and Cap in particular came across as kinda stupid in this. That aside I am still enjoying Superior and still contend this is the best Spidey we've had since that coat hanger abortion One More Day ran the franchise into the dirt.
The comic book crossover event of 2013 continues. If you haven't already, check out my review for part one. In the last part Dr Eggman and Dr. Wily got together and had an epic bromance, set off the Genesis Wave slightly altering both Sonic and Mega Man's worlds, and roboticized Tails, Amy, Shadow, and Knuckles into "Roboticized Masters" The Roboticized Masters were then confronted by Proto Man and in this issue Mega Man shows up to help Proto. Mega Man follows them through a warp ring into Sonic's world where he is hit from behind by Metal Sonic. Meanwhile Sonic, looking for his friends runs into Copy Man, and evil duplicate of Mega Man who is kidnapping more of Sonic's friends to turn into Roboticized Masters. Eventually Sonic and Mega Man encounter each other, at which point Sonic thinks Mega Man is Copy Man, and Mega Man thinks Sonic is Metal Sonic, since Mega Man never got a good look at Metal Sonic.

I can't stress enough, this is, at least so far, a blast. The art is great, the writing is solid, and it is every bit as fun as something like this should be. If you're not reading this you're wrong. Go read this comic. By the way, every time I look at that cover I hear this.
I really shouldn't be supporting DC at all right now, what with the hot mess they've made of things with this New 52 garbage. Sure there's a few decent books, but overall things are a mess. But given my love for both Power Girl and the idea of the multiverse I'm a sucker for anytime Power Girl and Supergirl are fighting or teaming up so I had to give this a shot.

I'm not sure exactly what went on in earlier issues but apparently Supergirl and Power Girl had both been poisoned by Kryptonite, although Supergirl got it worse. Supergirl is being carried off by some soldiers or mercenaries when Power Girl shows up to help her. As soon as the two touch they instantly see each other's memories and Supergirl starts feeling a little better. They fight the purple dude you see on the cover then Supergirl collapses again, her second wind from the interdimensional mind meld apparently gone. Power Girl takes her to Supergirl's little base or whatever at the bottom of the ocean and the computer tells Power Girl to put Supergirl on the table and the little robot arms in Supergirl's mini Fortress of Solitude start healing her and then get Power Girl a new costume to replace her ripped up one. Her new one is the more classic look which both her and I strongly approve of with Power Girl exclaiming "I think this will work just fine!"
It sure will. Suddenly however it dawns on the computer there are two Kara's in there and it goes ape shit, attacking both because it assumes they're clones. And that's where we end.

This wasn't too bad. In fact, other than Action Comics V2 #9 I think this was the first Super book in the New 52 I read that I actually liked. It wasn't great but I enjoyed seeing the two Karas interact. I think I might pick up issue 20.

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