Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sheldon Cooper was right....

...Will Wheaton is a douche bag. Ensign Crusher had this little bit of thoughtful dialogue on the recent gun control bill shot down in the Senate on his twitter. I tell you, liberal logic never ceases to amuse me. They constantly rail against police brutality, and rightfully so, and yet they would also love to live in a country where only the cops have guns. Brilliant guys. But never let it be said that the Bechtloff is not a man of peace and reconciliation. So let me take this opportunity to extend an olive branch to Mr. Wheaton.

Will, if by chance you should read this, let me just say on behalf of all gun owners I'm sorry that my God given and constitutionally protected right to arm and defend myself makes your pussy hurt. So if you would like I would be happy to buy you a bottle of Midol to ease your suffering. Just let me know where to ship it to Mr. Wheaton.


  1. Wouldn't it be great to see a discussion on this topic where both sides are held by actually sane, intelligent people? No paranoid gun fetishist or uber-liberal hippie douche. And nobody equating the opposition to Hitler.

    Yeah, that'd be real nice...oh well, look on the bright side, you'll probably be able to just repost this blogpost in a few months.

  2. Nothing to discuss really Cameron. Gun control doesn't work. Everywhere it's tried violent crime goes up. Numbers don't lie. Taking guns from law abiding citizens will do nothing but leave those citizens defenseless. The only real reason a government would have for grabbing guns is they want to pull some authoritarian crap and don't want an armed populace that can fight back.

  3. Sorry if that last comment came off a little rude, but there really is no point in "discussing" things with the gun grabbers. There can be no honest debate with them when they willfully ignore the facts.