Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spider-man 2099 set to return.

Well it's been rumored for a while and Dan Slott has hinted around to it, but now it's confirmed. In September Spider-man 2099 will be back. In an interview Dan Slott has revealed that in Superior Spider-man #17 he will be teaming up with Ock-Spidey. I've always had a soft spot for Spider-man 2099 and would love to see this lead into him getting an ongoing again. Also Slott confirmed it will be the Peter David version not the lamer version from that Timestorm mini from 2009. Also Slott hinted around that there could be some major time altering event on the horizon that sounds almost like a Marvel version of DC's Zero Hour.

"With Age of Ultron, with All-New X-Men, with other events going on in the Marvel Universe, something seems to be happening with time itself," the writer said. "Almost like there’s a grand design."

It will be interesting to see what the folks at Marvel might have in mind here. Let's just hope it's not a New 52 style reboot. 

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