Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's on the radio: Next to Me by Emeli Sande

This song is starting to make it's rounds on the radio and I just love it. Emeli Sande has been big in the UK for a while now but this is her first real hit here in the states. The lyrics are simple and even a little generic about her man and how faithful he is and how much she can rely on him, but the vocals are what really make this shine. Her voice reminds me of Beyonce, before Beyonce stopped trying that is. The actual music is rather simple and elegant, I especially love the piano riff that starts the song.

I hope we hear a lot more from Emeli, it would be a real shame if she went the way of other great UK pop stars like Lily Allen and Estelle who never really saw the sucess and recognition in the states they deserved. Sande is a very remarkable woman, she actually went to school for medicine and has a degree in neuroscience. She is also a gifted song writer and has written songs for everyone from Rihanna to Susan Boyle. I heard her preform live on the Elvis Duran morning show this morning and she's every bit as good unplugged. Hopefully we hear a lot more from Emeli.

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